Best Practices for Effective Boards

Jun 28, 2012 | Books, Resources

A local pastor.
A long-standing member of not-for-profit board.
A former president of a university.

These three authors share their wisdom and experiences from decades of board leadership. With specific areas of expertise, they bring 3 distinctive voices and perspectives to the 12 essential principles every leader needs to develop and maintain a healthy governing board.

Best Practices for Effective Boards challenges your board to become the most effective, God-honoring body to ever serve your organization. Regardless of the size of your board or the organizations that you serve, you can benefit from the principles outlined in this book. The starting point is clear and the path is systematically laid before you, helping to transform your vision, strategy, and future. No matter where you start, you can develop your board into a strong and effective body working toward a future of growth and development. 192 pages.


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