What can provide:

 1.     To pastors, school and organizational leaders, and board chairs

  • Intensive and systematic coaching with pastors, board chairs, and organizational leaders regarding leadership style, constituency communication, board/leader relationships, team building, vision casting, and strategic implementation planning for the transformative organization.
  • Intervention with organizational leaders and board chairs regarding governing boards and organizations in crisis.


2.      To governing boards

  • Consultation, including workshops and retreats, with church, school, and non-profit organizations designed to strengthen the governing boards for Christian organizations.
  • Training multi-cultural boards in listening, understanding, and appreciating the dynamic richness and significant contribution brought by full participation of all the board members, thus modeling Kingdom values to the church, organization and broader constituency.


3.      To churches and organizations

  • Periodic webinars offered on key critical issues related to board development.
  • Interim leadership of churches or Christian organizations in need of congregational/institutional healing, transition, and board development.


4.      A coaching network

  • Cultivate and train certified consultants to serve Christian organizations, listen to leaders and board chairs, and coach in a style and method reflective of the mission, values and overarching objectives of
  • Connect qualified consultants to schools, churches and organizations matching the coach to the person or board requesting assistance.