Learning to be Last

How do you define success in Christian leadership?

Most of us look to the example of Christ to answer this question; but when we really stop and examine our motives and actions, how many of us really understand and emulate Christ’s words in Luke 22:7: “I am among you as one who serves.”

Learning to Be Last explores the challenging call for Christian leaders to willingly move to the back of the line and lead from last place. Instead of offering specific steps and techniques, it presents a vision for true servant leadership and outlines essential principles to guide and drive leaders as they work with others. With insight and challenge, Fairbanks and Toler examine the three cornerstones of Christian leadership: a vision for identity, a passion for vocation, and an obsession for the faith community. They explore the motifs of servant leadership—motivation, lifestyle, purpose, method, pain, and evidence—and challenge readers to wholeheartedly embrace the characteristics that result from these convictions. 160 pages.



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Learning to be Last


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