Ruben E. Fernandez

President, Nazarene Seminary of the Americas
Regional Education Coordinator, Mesoamerica Region, Church of the Nazarene


Dr. LeBron Fairbanks is one of the finest servants in the Church of the Nazarene. He is a leader according to what is in God´s heart and mind. It has been a great privilege working with him for many years.


In recent times, I was honored for having him sharing workshops regarding Board Development at our seminaries in Costa Rica and Mexico. He was a key player for the Boards understanding their role. Very, very insightful.


Dr. Fairbanks also helped us in our schools in Cuba, Dominican Republic and our emerging center in Puerto Rico. This coming fall He will be coaching the Board of two more institutions in Guatemala.


I strongly recommend Dr. Fairbanks to any organization looking for a more effective and efficient Board.


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