Edward L. Estep

District Superintendent,

South Carolina District Church of the Nazarene


I will forever be indebted to LeBron Fairbanks for his investment in me as a board member (MVNU Board of Trustees) and as a pastor.   The opportunity to chair the newly-formed MVNU Board Development Committee gave me a front row seat to Dr. Fairbanks’ commitment to the development of leaders and governing boards.  He is a visionary and a strategic thinker.  His extensive understanding of both systems and organizational dynamics led not only to the creation of strategic plans and leadership agendas to guide the university, but also to the intentional development of the university’s governing board and the board’s policies.  The lessons I learned while serving on that board had direct application to the local church I served at the time, and have direct application on the district I now serve.  Great boards and great leaders make for great organizations.  I am a better leader because of my association with Dr. LeBron Fairbanks.  I believe you will be able to say the same if you take advantage of the opportunity for him invest in you and your organization.


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