David P. Wilson

General Secretary, Church of the Nazarene


It is a privilege for me to recommend my colleague and friend, Dr. E. LeBron Fairbanks.


I chaired the Board of Trustees at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University when Dr. Fairbanks was president. One of his top priorities in working with the trustees was board development. He helped to organize a special committee to study areas of need and ways to address these concerns in regularly scheduled board development workshops. He advocated the use of top resource people, exposing the board to the best and brightest in their areas of specialty.


Dr. Fairbanks is a strong, diligent leader. I’ve never met anyone who works harder and gives greater attention to detail. His background as college president and Education Commissioner for the Church of the Nazarene has prepared him well for board development work.


I highly commend him to you.


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