A phenomenal week in Cuba!

A phenomenal week in Cuba!


What a privilege and delight for me to return to the Nazarene Seminary in Havana, Cuba for the historic activities of the 45th annual district assembly of the Cuba district, Church of the Nazarene. During the assembly, the Cuba district, with 88 organized churches, voted to created a new district, the Eastern Cuba district! The photo includes general superintendent, Dr. Gustavo Crocker, Mesoamerica regional director, Dr. Carlos Saenz, Cuba district superintendent, Rev. Lionel Lopez Ortiz and regional education director, Dr. Ruben Fernandez.

During the pre-assembly activities, I presented an all-day seminar to approximately 200 pastors and local board members on the theme, “Building Better Boards.” Click this link below to view the Spanish translation of the PP presentations, “Leading and Governing Diligently,” and “When Good and Godly Board Members Differ and Sometimes Collide over Vision.”

Leading and Governing Diligently
When Good and Godly Board Members Differ and Sometimes Collide over Vision.

The day was energizing for me, and I believe significant to the participants. Following the assembly in a pastors’ day for the two districts, I presented to the Cuba Seminary Rector, Rev. Frank Adonis Gomez, copies of Power Point and written materials used and distributed to the seminar participants, a DVD, “Building Better Boards” with Spanish subtitles, and the English language copy of the book, “Best Practices for Effective Boards, “with a promise of the book in Spanish to be delivered later this spring.

[Spanish] The Mentoring Role of the Pastor

[Spanish] Board Survey

[Spanish] When Good and Godly People Collide Over Vision

I  continue to believe that effective boards empower missional and visionary pastors, and strong pastors embrace passionate and engaged boards. The enthusiastic responses from the Cuba Seminar participants was indeed affirming of this conviction!



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