Vision for Nazarene Higher Education

Is this vision statement sufficiently broad and inclusive to engage the 54 International Board of Education, Church of the Nazarene colleges, universities and seminaries without undermining the mission statement of each individual school?


I welcome your participation in this discussion.


LeBron Fairbanks

July 12, 2010



Peter Migner August 15, 2010


Thanks for asking others for input.

I like the short catchy phrases about Christian Higher education. I am not real crazy about the phrase “Global Christian ” . I don’t care for global in front of Christian because I consider all Christian already to be called to GO into all the world ( globe) anyway. Using the word lends itself toward globalism and could eventual fit into an agenda of a one world Citizen.

Care deeply and live gratefully also seem like a given, but I love the other 6.

Good work.


Peter Migner, Pastor

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