Seven Lessons My Father Taught Me about Fundraising


Throughout the past few months at conferences led by Jimmy LaRose, founder and 25 year CEO of the National Development Institute, I heard him remind executives of nonprofit organizations and their board members that nonprofit organizations are in two businesses:

(1) providing a service; and

(2) generating revenue necessary to provide the service.

He believes that most nonprofit organizations are strong in number one, and not so strong in number two. His organization is dedicated to assisting nonprofit organizations build capacity, organizationally and financially. You can learn more about the National Development Institute at

I benefited from the conferences where I participated with Mr. LaRose.

During the past week as I continued to think about the relation of faith to fundraising, I re-read the article, “Seven Lessons My Father Taught Me about Fundraising” by Dr. Barry Corey, president of Biola University. I like the tone and guidance in the article regarding fundraising for ministry organizations and educational institutions.

The “Seven Lessons” are:

1. My father wrote letters.
2. My father modeled the gift of caring.
3. My father recognized people’s spirit over their status.
4. My father prayer for the miraculous.
5. My father had an eternal perspective.
6. My father embodied an abiding zeal.
7. My father prayed for favor, not favors.

Good counsel for leaders and boards of nonprofit organizations, including local churches.

The two page article by Dr. Corey is reprinted with permission from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, and can be read at this link:

Seven Lessons My Father Taught Me About Fundraising

Used by permission from ECFA.

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