Seminario Teológico Nazareno Graduation – Chiclayo, Peru

Peru Seminary 2009 Graduation

Peru Seminary 2009 Graduation

Over 1,000 Peruvian Nazarenes attended the graduation ceremony at the Seminario Teológico Nazareno, Chiclayo, Peru on November 26. Forty students graduated from the Seminary’s academic programs. Peru has a strong national church due in part to the quality of the Nazarene Seminary and its continued commitment to serve the local Peruvian Churches of the Nazarene.



Dr. LeBron Fairbanks, Rev. Ernesto Lozano, Dr. Jorge Julca

Dr. LeBron Fairbanks, Rev. Ernesto Lozano, Dr. Jorge Julca

Dr. LeBron Fairbanks, education commissioner, and Dr. Jorge Julca, regional education coordinator, joined the Seminary rector, Rev. Ernesto Lozano, in conducting the graduation celebration. The service was filled with great music including a school orchestra and vocal music. There were outstanding, tangible reflections of the strong relationship between the Peruvian Church of the Nazarene and the Seminary. The Peru Church of the Nazarene National Board president, Rev. Ricardo Rodriguez and field strategy coordinator, Rev. Segundo Isidoro Rimarachin, also participated in the service.

The clearest indicator of this bond between the Seminary and the Church of the Nazarene is that 84% of the Seminary graduates since 1984 are currently serving in pastoral ministry throughout the 16 districts of Peru. There are 824 churches

“The graduation ceremony was a joyful celebration of Nazarenes throughout the country of Peru,” stated Dr. Fairbanks. He continued, “Peruvian Nazarenes are proud of their Seminary and its graduates. It showed in every aspect of the service.”



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