Quality and Missional Reviews


What is a Quality and Missional Review?

Following is a glimpse of the review process as presented in the introduction to a report by Dr. Kent Brower, International Board of Education chair and member of numerous quality and missional reviews.

A Review team site visit is a requirement of the International Board of Education (IBOE) for an institution of higher education that is connected to the Church of the Nazarene. All 54 colleges, universities, seminaries, Bible institutes, schools of nursing, and teacher education participate in the process.

This Review is based upon the four Benchmarks for Quality in Context established by the IBOE. This review is not the work of one person writing his or her opinion about the institution but it is the opportunity for institution-wide self-evaluation—from students, faculty, staff, administration, and board representatives. The Manual of the Church of the Nazarene requires the Education Commissioner and the International Board of Education to verify that the policies of the College are clearly set by the duly elected Board of Governors and that implementation of those policies is clearly in the hands of the administration of the College.

According to the IBOE Handbook, the four Benchmarks for Quality in Context that guide the Quality and Missional Review are:

Benchmark One addresses the clarity of mission and how it demonstrates “the church in education.”
Benchmark Two examines institutional planning.
Benchmark Three studies the academic program and assesses student learning.
Benchmark Four addresses the people of the institution.

A team, led by Dr. Brower, including LeBron Fairbanks, recently visited Institut Théologique Nazaréen/Nazarene Theological Institute, Ghana, and Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa, Malawi on the Africa Region. Pictures in this entry are from both schools. The full report to both schools and to the IBOE leadership is nearing completion.


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