Quality and Missional Review and Consultation in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico


January 2010 Quality and Missional Review

Seminario Nazareno Dominicano, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Students, Alumni, Faculty, Administrators, Board,

Regional Education Coordinator, Review Team and the Education Commissioner

work together in the process of the review to strengthen the school for the future.




Top left picture (left to right)

Ruben Fernandez – Mexico and Central America Regional Education Coordinator

Jorge Julca – South America Regional Education Coordinator

Rene Acosta – Seminary Director

Ernesto Bathermy – Seminary Academic Coordinator

Andres Hernandez – Caribbean Regional Education Coordinator


Top right picture (left to right)

Rene Acosta – Seminary Director

LeBron Fairbanks


Center picture (left to right)

Carlos De La Cruz – Seminary Board President

Rene Acosta – Seminary Director

LeBron Fairbanks


Board Development – to access the board development presentation click here (for the Spanish version click here)


January 2010

Quality and Missional Consultation

Centro Nazareno de Estudios Teológicos (CENET), San Juan, Puerto Rico




Top left picture

Andres Hernandez – Caribbean Regional Education Coordinator, local pastor and

Field Strategy Coordinator for Spanish Caribbean served as review team leader

Sitting at the table is Rev. Olga Robles – District Superintendent of Puerto Rico East District 




Rev. Andres Hernandez has much to think about as he enjoys the view from the Palace of Diego Columbus,
built in 1510. Diego was Christopher Columbus’ son who served as Viceroy of the Island c. 1511-1526.
Andres balances pastoring a local congregation with serving the Church of the Nazarene regionally
 – all while keeping the care of his wife (Tamara) and teens (Taisha & Nestor) in clear perspective!

Access the sermon preached by LeBron Fairbanks at                                                                                   Casa de Proclamacion y Alabanza, San Juan, Puerto Rico
on January 17, 2010 by clicking here. (For the Spanish translation click here).





Gene McBride March 2, 2010

I appreciate this means of staying connected with your thoughts and teachings.

I find the “right questions” very closely mirror the questions that Dr. Martin is leading the MVNU campus to consider during these first years of his administration.

With the intent not to make this a personal comparison of leadership styles, is there a difference in the questions that a board asks from those that campus employees and other constituents should ask.? Moving from education to the local church, are there different questions that board members would ask from those asked by church members or church staff?

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