Nurturing Trust: Leadership Qualities for Developing a Reputation for Trustworthiness

I met with approximately 50 pastors on July 14 who are enrolled in the ministerial course of study on the Florida district. The Saturday event was designed to introduce the students to the course, “Leading the People of God,” using material from my recently published book, Leading Decisively! Leading Faithfully! Reflections and Markers, a complete revision of the curriculum module for the course I wrote in 2003.

In broad strokes, the July 14 session was designed to:

  1. Reflect on leading with integrity and grace. How does our pursuit of Christlikeness continually transform the way we live in and lead a faith community?”
  2. Identify core qualities in “nurturing the trust” of others with whom we live and work. These qualities characterize us at our best and convict us and at our worst in our leadership responsibilities.
  3. Assist emerging leaders in ‘minding’ the trust gap between our faith affirmations on Sunday and our leadership behaviors during the week.

At the heart of the session were five sets of leadership qualities for developing a reputation for trustworthiness. They are:

#1. The Qualities of Integrity and Consistency

#2. The Qualities of Communication and Transparency

#3. The Qualities of Confidentiality and Courageous Conversations

#4. The Qualities of Credibility and Humility

#5. The Qualities of Presence and Caring Relationships

Please click here to review the entire Power Point presentation used during the session. I welcome your comments.


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