Integrity Matters

Integrity has been defined as honesty, consistency and coherency. The same inside and outside. It is the number one trait people want in leaders. It’s what members of churches or companies assume they will receive from the boards that govern the organizations to which they belong.

You may know that I am con-authoring a book with Drs. James Couchenour and Dwight Gunter on board development. My blog entries on February 1 and February 24, 2011 post chapters for the book in draft form. I requested and received feedback from the draft chapters.

You will find linked below another chapter written from the book. It is in draft form. Again, I ask for your comments. The board “best practice” addressed focuses on integrity matters. The chapter affirms the need for board members to intentionally engage in mutual accountability, including systematic board development and evaluation.

Click here to access the draft chapter.

I welcome your feedback.

LeBron Fairbanks
June 7, 2011


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