Board Development Assessment Tool

Organizational development issues for nonprofit companies have been on my mind in recent weeks. Recently, I reflected again on the Nazarene Compassionate Ministry, Inc. APEX Project, an assessment tool developed by NCMI to assist Faith-Based Organizations and Non-Government Organizations (FBOs/NGOs) in identifying “areas of organizational capacity and areas that need development.”

On the basis of the information gained, the organizations can prioritize and address those areas in need of correction, improvement, and support.

The APEX Project, it seems to me, enables school leaders, organization directors, church pastors and board chairpersons to conduct legal and program audits on the schools, companies, or churches they lead. Categories include:

 I. Legal Documentation Checklist
II. Mission/Vision/Values/Strategic Planning
III. Board Development
IV. Financial Accountability
V. Fund Development
VI. Human Resources
VII. Program Development
VIII. Organizational Capacity
IX. Priorities for Capacity Building

For instance, for the category of “Legal Documentation,” on a scale of 1 to 4, the leader identifies the organization’s level of compliance in areas such as:

Articles of Incorporation
501(c3) Status
Payroll Documentation
IRS 990 Form
Legal/Financial Advisors
Registered Agent and Current Contact Address

For sure, not every item identified in the “Legal Documentation” category will apply equally toward all non-profit organizations. Some states may require additional information from the organization. However, the APEX Project is an excellent start on a legal and program audit.

To read more about the APEX Project, click here to go to the Compassionate Ministries Center Website. Click the words, “APEX Assessment” in the menu column, then the APEX Quick Reference Guide, or the “Blank APEX Assessment Form.

I believe you will find the APEX Project a useful tool for Faith-Based Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations and Nonprofits who want to assess their organizational effectiveness and development opportunity. The instrument will also help organizations to identify areas of organizational capacity and to prioritize the areas that need strengthening.

E. LeBron Fairbanks
February, 2015


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