Advent Reflection #7

Key verse: Luke 1:37. “Nothing is impossible with God.”


Nothing nor no one is outside the boundaries of the liberating grace of God! As children, my brother and sister  heard often from an earthly father that we were nothing.


But God, by His mercy and grace found us and transformed us, chose to call us and use us! Again, we never doubted that God extended His grace to us, but what overwhelmed us was this realization that God extended His grace through us to others in great need of God’s amazing grace in their lives.


Impossible? Not so for the God of liberating grace and mercy!


Pain is experienced in leaders when, in the exercise of our leadership responsibilities, good and godly people with we work, worship and live differ, even collide, with us over vision and values. In these painful experiences, the grace of God enables us to “lead from our knees” and become channels of grace and mercy to others who have honest differences with us in our leadership vision and Values. 


Impossible? Nothing is impossible for the God of grace and mercy working in the lives of those who lead from their knees.. Nothing!


Read Luke 1:34-38


LeBron Fairbanks
December 21, 2010


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