Advent Reflection #4

Key Verse Luke 1:24-25. “Elizabeth became pregnant…’The Lord has done this to me,’ she said”

A major cable channel newsman recently asked the listeners to vote yes or no on the question, “Do you believe in miracles?” Immediately I went to the computer and answered with an emphatic, “yes!”

Indeed, the miracle working God has touched me over the years spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically..
I was the first one from my family to graduate from college and graduate  What a miracle!

My father was an alcoholic. Over and over as a child I remember saying, “when I grow up, my life and family will be different from that of my father. My wife and recently celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. What a miracle!

Within months following a life transforming, grace initiated conversion to Christ, I was diagnosed with leukemia. My parents were told that I would not leave the hospital alive. My worst night in the hospital was when I received a long distance telephone call in my hospital room from a friend who wanted to talk to me before I “died.”

A healing and prayer was held in my room with family and friends from the local Nazarene Church. Within weeks, I left the hospital. I graduated from High school within months and enrolled in Trevecca Nazarene College. What a miracle!

What are some miracles in your life? As with Mary, the Lord has done these things. Miracles? Yes, yes, indeed!

Read Luke 1:21-25

LeBron Fairbanks
December 16, 2010


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