Advent Reflection #1

Recently I reread a series of devotions written last year for the Advent season. They were published in the Reflecting God devotional material. As I reflected again on these thoughts, I was once again inspired by the beauty and significance of the Christmas story found in Luke’s Gospel. I offer these short pieces of devotional thoughts as inspiration to you during this Advent season.
The seven piece series will be published Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next two weeks. Spend a few minutes in reflection upon the God who was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself. I welcome your responses.

Key Verse Luke 1:6 “Both (Zechariah and Elizabeth) were upright in the sight of God”

Who are your spiritual heroes? How have they inspired you? When? What values characterized their lives?

Zechariah and Elizabeth walked with integrity before God. And, their family and friends were impacted by them.

Besides my mother, who died over thirty years ago, the late Dr. Bennett Dudney was my hero. I watched him as an executive at Nazarene headquarters, I worked with him at the European Nazarene College and I visited him as often as I could when he retired.

He had great vision and great faith. He believed in me, encouraged me and nurtured me in the faith and in my work in the administration of theological education. He taught me how to work with good and godly people who disagree with their leader over vision and values.

The question challenging me in this season of my life if this; whom am I mentoring and discipling? Am I living and leading in such a way that those with who I live and work will be attracted to my faith and nurtured on their journey?

Bennett and Kathryn walked and lived “an upright life” before God and others. I want to follow in their steps.

Read Luke 1:5-10


LeBron Fairbanks
December 13, 2010

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Rich Shockey December 1, 2012

It is quite evident to me that you are fulfilling your own wishes and challenges to be a mentor, to disciple, and to do it with an upright life.

Thanks for who you are.

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