A Ministry-focused Leader Review

For years I have taken seriously the discipline of a structured yearly review by my supervisor and/or a committee of the Board of Trustees to whom I reported. Administrators who worked with me over the years at Mount Vernon Nazarene University know how seriously I took the annual (three hour) review and evaluation of our work together. I would use different evaluation instruments each year, but the fact of the review was never in question. It is a critical component of serving as faithful stewards in the assignments to which God called us.



I prepared a review instrument for a college board in one of our world regions to use in evaluating the school principal (in various parts of the world the school principal is called the president, director, or vice chancellor). The Board not only wanted an evaluation instrument to use in the Board’s review of the principal, but an instrument that the principal could also use with the school’s senior administers and faculty.

At the heart of the ministry-focused review of the leader is a series of questions (Part One) to be answered by the leader prior to the meeting of the review committee. When the word “leader” is used in the review instrument, the word is referring to the person being reviewed—principal, senior administrator or faculty. Adapt the questions and terminology as appropriate.

1. Has your sense of calling and personal ministry been fulfilled through your leadership endeavors? If not, why? If so, how? Do you feel affirmed as a valuable asset? If not, why? If so, how?

2. Do you feel you have an adequate position description approved by the Board? How could the written expectations be improved and strengthened?

3. In what ways have you developed and enhanced your job knowledge and performance? Have adequate opportunities been provided both for training and for personal growth since your last review/evaluation? Please give examples.

4. What specific tasks or accomplishments during the past four years best express your commitment to quality service and servant leadership to the College’s multiple constituents? How have your gifts and talents been most effectively used?

5. In what ways have your initiatives contributed to the numerical growth and spiritual development of the institution you serve? What additional resources might assist you as your strive to strengthen the College?

6. How can the climate of collaboration within the College and with other institutions (colleges/universities, denominations, ministry organizations, etc.) be enhanced?

7. In what ways can the Board of Trustees support you to lead more effectively?

8. What are your three top college challenges for the next four years? What short-term and long-term goals have you established for your assignment in light of these challenges? How will you know when your goals have been reached?

The complete review of the ministry leader can be found at this link.

I welcome your comments to the instrument for reviewing and evaluating ministry-focused leaders.


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