It was my honor and privilege to participate on Friday, October 22 in the launching of the Southern Africa Nazarene University in Manzini, Swaziland. Approximately 1,300 persons attended the ceremony at the Nazarene College of Education in Manzini.

The creation of the university is the final step in the transition from three separate Nazarene colleges in Swaziland—College of Education, College of Nursing, and the College of Theology—to the Nazarene Higher Education Consortium (NAHEC) to Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU). The International Board of Education (IBOE) chair, Dr. Kent Brower, has served as consultant to the NAHEC Board throughout this transition.

Representatives from the Church of the Nazarene globally included General Superintendent Dr. David Graves; Africa regional director, Dr. Filimao Chambo; Africa regional education coordinator, Rev. Mark Louw; Africa South Field Strategy coordinator, Rev. Collin Elliott; Swaziland National Board chair, Rev. Philemon Dlamini; SANU Board of Governors chair, Dr. Anderson Nxumalo; International Board of Education chair, Dr. Kent Brower; Africa Nazarene University vice chancellor, Professor Leah Marangu.

Swaziland government officials present for the festive occasion included the Honorable Prime Minister, Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini; his deputy, along with government ministers of Education and Training; Public Works and Transport; and Information, Communication and Technology. Members of Parliament and representatives of the royal family were also present.

Installing Dr. Winnie Nhlengethwa as the first vice chancellor of Southern Africa Nazarene University was a profound privilege for me. She has served as the NAHEC Rector and Nazarene College of Nursing principal. Dr. Nhlengethwa serves on the 13-member International Board of Education Board. She earned her doctoral degree in Nursing Education from the University of Manchester, England.

My keynote address prior to the installation of the new vice chancellor was titled,

“A Leadership Vision for Southern Africa Nazarene University.”

I challenged the university family, the Church of the Nazarene in Southern Africa, and the Swaziland government to embrace a compelling leadership vision around which we can unite and live peacefully, in shalom, in the midst our diversity. I suggested to everyone present that there is such a vision that is worthy of our commitment and sacrifice; a compelling vision to enable us to believe, really believe, that God can use each of us to impact for eternity our generation and generations to come.     

Southern Africa Nazarene University;
An academic Christian community,
Shaping Christ-like disciples and leaders,
For local witness and global impact.

Click here to read the full text of the address.

As an academic Christian community, we know whose we are and to whom we belong. We live and work together as the People of God in the ministry and mission of faithful presence in post secondary education. This is our life and calling! Christian faith for us is not an intellectualized belief to be learned but a life to be lived in and through the way we teach and lead.

We model before our students both professional competence and faith development. Christian leaders, including teachers, move beyond information giving to character shaping in the lives of the students we teach and lead. We model during the week in the offices and in the classrooms the faith we profess on Sunday. We pass on to students with excellence the content of the class and with passion the convictions of our heart. We relate our holiness testimony to the way we lead especially during the times of making and communicating difficult decisions.

We believe that every student on campus should come to the point of viewing herself or himself as a world Christian with a global vision. The world, the whole world, is the arena of God’s activity. God’s love for humankind does not depend on the color of our skin or of the nation of our birth.   

We respond to global needs in society and the personal pain in others with biblical compassion in fulfillment of the great commission and great commandment. A passion to serve others through teaching, preaching and healing is rooted in a profound love relationship with the Lord. People do need the saving, reconciling, healing and sustaining grace of God. This is what we teach; this is the way we live and lead.

In Manzini or Manila,
         In Johannesburg or Jakarta,
                    In Calcutta or Karachi.
To the rich or to the poor,
          To the young or to the old,
                    To the infants or to the dying.
In the churches or in the streets,
          In the hospitals or in the clinics,
                    In the classrooms or in the boardrooms. 

This is holiness of heart expressed in holiness of life.


Southern Africa Nazarene University:
An academic Christian community,
Shaping Christ-like disciples and leaders,
For local witness and global impact.

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More pictures to come.

In the mean time, your comments and dialogue are always welcome.

E. LeBron Fairbanks
October 22, 2010
Manzini, Swaziland


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I wish to be a student at that school and please may you send the application forms.



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