Organizations evolve and change.
So must their governing boards.


Mission Statement:

BoardServe.org serves as a global intervention and coaching resource
to nurture governing boards of Christian organizations,
including universities, seminaries, and local churches.

Strategic Vision:

Transformed and transformative boards that govern diligently.
(cf. Romans 12:8c)


Overarching Objectives:

1. Create an environment for governing boards to assess their health and effectiveness.

2. Clarify where they want to be and shape a structural organization to reach their goals.

3. Cultivate a coaching network of certified trainers equipped to develop strong governing boards

in Christian organizations worldwide.



The Life-cycle of an Organization: Practical S-curve

The BoardServe.org logo draws from the inspiration of the 
Sigmoid or S-curve which reflects the life cycle of an organization, especially the dynamics and challenges of new beginnings. The energy required to start a new organization changes as it comes into contact with the forces of day to day existence, development, and growth.

The leadership strengths that brought an organization, local congregation, or mission agency into existence, and nurtured it to take root and grow, can, if not adapted, become the source of institutional plateauing and decline. Organizations evolve and change. So must their governing boards. Transitions occur, and must be managed successfully in order for organizational growth to continue.

This image illustrates briefly the reality that leadership must strategically move ahead of the curve to transform the organization before a downward turn. The beauty in the S-curve illustration is in the hope it displays. There is hope for your organization you lead, no matter where it finds itself along the life cycle of the S-curve. BoardServe.org will assist college or seminary, local church, or not-for-profit leaders and their governing boards in managing the transitions required for continued growth in organizational life.

For more information on the Sigmoid curve read Marty Baker’s explanation by clicking here.


Founding Director, E. LeBron Fairbanks, draws from three decades of experience with colleges, universities, seminaries and non-profit organizational leadership around the globe as he works with individual leaders and their governing boards. His passion for developing transformed and transformative boards that govern diligently flows primarily from his commitment to Christ and secondarily from a deep well of diverse experience.

You are invited to enjoy the resources provided through this blog/website. When you are ready – contact LeBron directly at lfairbanks@BoardServe.org

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