The Global System of Nazarene Higher Education

  Recently I shared a brief overview of the global system of Nazarene higher education. The group appeared surprised at the scope of institutions served by the Church of the Nazarene. They thanked me for outlining… Read More

Leading and “Peacemaking”

Recently, as I was in the midst of an assignment associated with my work, I found myself repeating the first line of the “Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.” Remember the prayer? “Lord, make me an… Read More

Leading and Enduring

  Recently, I sent the following e-mail to my staff: “I did it! Five K’s in 38.18 minutes! Not bad for my first run!” At my age, with… Read More


I have been thinking much about the relationship between leading and praying since I posted the manuscript recently of a presentation I gave to a class in July at the Nazarene Seminary in Costa Rica. To read the… Read More


  I remember the conviction… Read More

48th Anniversary and Spanish Language study

  A Very Special 48th Anniversary Adventure. Indeed! Anne and I recently celebrated our 48 wedding anniversary by spending four weeks on the campus of The Nazarene Seminary of the Americas in San Jose, Costa… Read More

Vision for Nazarene Higher Education

Is this vision statement sufficiently broad and inclusive to engage the 54 International Board of Education, Church of the Nazarene colleges, universities and seminaries without undermining the mission statement of each individual school?… Read More

Funding For Evangelism and Mission

Lausanne Issue Group #27 This material is an excerpt from a longer article I co-wrote, which can be accessed by clicking here. Introduction:   Lausanne 2004 … Conference on World Evangelization … addressed… Read More